Safety of Transport Infrastructure on the TEN-T Network (SAFE-10-T)

SAFE-10-T project is developing a Global Safety Framework focusing on multi modal transport infrastructure network including road, rail and waterways. At the core of this Framework is a Multi-modal Network Decision Support Tool providing integrated solutions to issues related to infrastructure safety and planning. The project is considering a number of common problems faced by EU infrastructure managers, leading to the realization of a number of key policy objectives namely; increased safety and capacity of networks, reduced environmental impact and improved competitiveness of the transport networks.

The project is bringing together inter-disciplinary experts from risk based assessment of infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence (AI), wireless sensor networks and data management sectors with sociologists and industry groups. The involvement of Road and Waterways Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings is providing the platform for demonstration of the framework at three locations on the SAFE-10-T network North Sea- Baltic Corridor which will include the study of port of Rotterdam, Mediterranean Corridor on a section of the TEN-T network in Croatia and urban interchange / node on TEN-T network on a complex urban setting in the UK.