Consultancy in different fields of life cycle management processes

Infra Plan Consulting is providing consultancy in the area of data analytics, maintenance planning projects and infrastructure management. IPC develops decision support tools which integrate innovative instrumental and computational technologies in order to collect, share and utilize valuable data and information to support infrastructure management decisions.

Employees of Infra Plan have strong expertise in R&D activities related to upgrading the existing transport networks, from condition assessment, over construction to operational and maintenance management.

Company is closely collaborating with academic institutions, numerous European universities and research institutes together with public agencies and highly-developed companies, in order to bring research and innovation results into daily practice.


withmore than 15 years of experience

Irina Stipanović

PhD CE, Managing Director

Dr. Irina Stipanović is founder and Managing Director of Infra Plan konzalting.

Irina has extensive experience in research and development projects  and professional activities related to sustainability of construction materials, life cycle management, risk and climate change impacts assessment and maintenance planning of transport infrastructure networks.  She has worked for more than 15 years in academia, from which 7 years in the Netherlands.

Sandra Škarić Palić

MSc CE, Senior Advisor

Sandra has more than 15 years of experience in the field of assessment, repair design projects of concrete and steel structures and supervision of construction projects.  She has worked as a consultant in the large engineering company for more than 10 years, and beside that has been involved continuously in R&D projects.

Daniel Rodik

MSc Traff. Eng., Senior Advisor

Daniel has broad experience working as an energy and climate advisor for local administration and senior expert in civil society organisations and companies, managing national and regional projects.

His main areas of expertise are energy and climate policy, GHG emission inventories, carbon footprint calculations, and climate change vulnerability and risks assessment. He led and participated in development of SECAPs (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) for Croatian cities and municipalities including implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy poverty reduction measures.