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oVERFLOw project meeting in Delft

We had very fruitful meeting and interesting discussion during the 4th consortium meeting in Delft, Netherlands. Consortium members, along with representatives of Dutch Waterboard, visited also Oostmolendijk as a case study embankment!  

EnDurCrete final event

Successful final public online event “Looking into the future of eco-friendly and durable concrete” in cooperation with BUILD UP and ReSHEALience, held on 10th of November 2021! Irina Stipanovic was one of the speakers, presenting demonstration projects within EnDurCrete.:


OLGA project officially kicked off in Paris on 11th and 12th of October 2021! Ranging from large & small airports, airlines and the aeronautic industry to public authorities, researchers and SMEs, partners and associates are looking forward to delivering smart…

Decision Support Tool workshop at ZAG

Infra Plan attended DESTinationRAIL Workshop in Ljubljana – The workshop which was held at ZAG in Ljubljana was attended by 29 representatives of the project together with railway infrastructure managers from Irish Rail (IE), Deutsche Bahn Netz (DB), Croatian railways…