OLGA project officially kicked off in Paris on 11th and 12th of October 2021! Ranging from large & small airports, airlines and the aeronautic industry to public authorities, researchers and SMEs, partners and associates are looking forward to delivering smart & sustainable mobility solutions.

OLGA partners (airports, airline, handler, industry, research, SMEs – one of them Infra Plan) unite a wealth of expertise to contribute to European Green Deal, developing efficient and carbon neutral airport and airline operations, sustainable logistics, smart energy & mobility, intermodality for passengers and freight, emission/air quality assessments, green construction and circular end-of-life solutions.

OLGA will have a duration of 60 months, with 25 MEuros EC grant.
With the 2024 & 2026 Olympics (Paris, Milano), OLGA’s airports are uniquely positioned to showcase the environmental innovations, while the airports of Zagreb and Cluj will prove scalability and EU-wide applicability.



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