Holistic approach to foster CIRCUlar and resilient transport InfrasTructures

Project title: Holistic approach to foster CIRCUlar and resilient transport InfrasTructures and support the deployment

of Green and Innovation Public Procurement and innovative engineering practices 

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Project duration:  01/05/2023 – 30/04/2027 

Funding:   European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme Call: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02 

(Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods) GA No. 101104283 

The overall objective of CIRCUIT is to develop a holistic approach supported by digital solutions and guidelines to foster the introduction of innovative engineering practices in the whole construction supply/value chain. This will deliver circular,

sustainable resilient and smart transport infrastructure (both at urban and interurban level), and foster wider deployment of GPP and IP. This will be achieved by:  

  • (1) developing and deploying an innovative open-source digital platform (with advanced Circularity analytics and Supply/value chain matchmaking tools) interoperable with traditional engineering/design, BIM and Digital Twins tools and with open-source LCC, LCA, traffic simulation tools;  
  • (2) introducing modular solutions, ecodesign and reusing concepts as alternative to traditional designs;  
  • (3) maximizing the use of biobased, Secondary Raw Materials (SRM) and Secondary Construction Elements (SCE) as alternative to traditional ones;  
  • (4) including in the decision-making process of transport infrastructures design and route planning, information from updated traffic simulation tools to reduce incidents, accidents, congestion and future scenarios with autonomous vehicles). New elements and technologies for Smart, Resilient and Sustainable transport will be included in the design process to facilitate infrastructures upgrading and a quick adaptation to smart mobility and operations.  CIRCUIT will also provide knowledge and technical solutions to consider properly the whole life cycle of transport infrastructure, limiting the overall emissions and energy consumption associated to construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of infrastructures, by exploiting the potential of four strategic pillars:

Digitalisation, Recycle, Reuse and Energy.

Different technologies will be validated in each of the pillars to deliver a holistic approach suitable for different transport modes, the urban and interurban environment, and the different stages of the life cycle of infrastructures. This potential will be proved in five demonstration pilots to be implemented in different EU countries, covering roads, embankments, tunnels, and bridges infrastructure.  

Our Tasks:  

  • Co-creation of the CIRCUIT holistic framework for circular, smart, resilient, and sustainable transport infrastructure management, 
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators for Resilience, Circularity, Economy, Sustainability, etc. and the contribution to the digital transformation and innovative and green procurement 
  • Setting up the scope, indicators, supply/value chain roles and the requirements and functionalities of the associated digital platform 
  • Development of Circularity Analytics Tool (CAT) for estimating the environmental impacts of design, maintain and end-of-life alternatives for transport infrastructure materials and components. 
  • Support in creation of an open-source digital platform for the whole supply/value chain (incl. Digital Product Passport and supply-chain matchmaking tool) to facilitate the uptake of CIRCUIT principles and link with the selected engineering, environmental and economic tools. 

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