Holistic green airport

Project title:             Holistic green Airport

Project website:    olga-project.eu

Project duration:  10/2021-09/2026

Funding:                     European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101036871

OLGA project based on an integrated approach to help mitigate the environmental impact of the aviation sector. It will develop innovative sustainable measures for reducing both airside and landside emissions, while improving energy efficiency, air quality, biodiversity, and waste management. These solutions support the European Union’s (EU) carbon neutrality ambition and aim to improve quality of life. The project is focusing on boosting environmental performance at airports from flight operations, passenger and freight, and community perspectives.


OLGA project brings together 57 partners and associated entities which form a diverse consortium gathering a high level of experience and expertise, ranging from large and small airports, airlines and the aeronautic industry to public authorities, researchers and innovative small and medium enterprises focusing on environmental performance. Four international airports and their local stakeholders are involved in the project: Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Milan Malpensa, Zagreb, and Cluj. OLGA partners (airports, airline, handler, industry, research, SMEs) unite a wealth of expertise to contribute to solving complex environmental challenges: efficient and carbon neutral airport and airline operations, sustainable logistics, smart energy & mobility, intermodality for passengers and freight, emission/air quality assessments, green construction and circular end-of-life solutions.


 Our tasks:

  • Transport demand analysis and forecast
  • Application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for both photogrammetry purposes and visual inspection of the airport infrastructure

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