Life Cycle Management

Infrastructure owners are facing competing demands to optimally spend the limited budget and satisfy usually conflicting performance requirements, e.g to increase the reliability and the availability of networks while decreasing the costs and impacts on the environment. We develop applied decision support models to aid infrastructure managers improve their strategic and tactical decisions. This allows the optimization of investment decisions that maximise safety, minimise disruption and allow for the best use of limited resources..

Construction and maintenance projects

We are offering services for design of maintenance and repair projects, complemented with professional supervision of construction and reconstruction projects. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of assessment, repair design projects of concrete and steel structures and supervision of construction projects. Specialized expertise in service life design and life cycle cost modeling of concrete structures in aggressive environments (e.g. marine, chemical attack etc.).

Risk Analysis

Risk assessment approach enables asset owners to understand and quantify risks posed by natural hazards such as flooding or earthquakes, and connect performance of their infrastructure with risk reduction measures. We use data on network performance to calculate the state of objects along the network which allows risk assessment and prioritization of intervention measures. Risk-based predictive maintenance isenabling the increase of resilience and decrease of impacts caused by hazards.

Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is having severe impacts on transport infrastructure. The future climate will more often have extreme weather events, such as extreme rainfall causing flooding. Therefore infrastructure owners and operators need to manage current weather impacts and put in place adequate plans to anticipate and adapt to changes in future weather events, or mitigate the impacts arising from those risks. We are offering the assessment of the risk posed to transport infrastructure from current and future weather, based on a good understanding of the constituent components of risk: hazard, vulnerability, and exposure. Infra Plan Consulting is specialized in Climate proofing for infrastructure projects according to Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027 (EU Commission 2021/C 373/01).

Circular economy

We are offering development of circularity metrics which can be used for decision making, supporting development of new or existing projects. Circularity is one of the main drivers for the ambitious EU plan to become climate neutral by 2050. This can be only achieved by scaling up the circular economy from front-runners to the mainstream economic players, such as the construction sector. Development of digital BIM models with the information about the materials and components quantity and quality will enable integration of circularity into planning about current and future projects.